Draft Order for NBA 2K League Will be Determined by Draft Lottery

Official NBA 2K League logo

The draft for NBA 2K League will be held in March, where the 17 teams will select players for the inaugural season.

That order will be set according to a draft lottery, NBA 2K League managing director Brendan Donohue said Friday.

NBA 2K League logo official
Official NBA 2K League logo

“There will be a lottery prior to the draft to determine that order,” he said.

The draft will see 85 players selected, with each franchise building a roster of five players. The players will relocate to the respective cities, where they will live and train for weekly games, and be paid a salary with benefits to do so.

The exact salary range has not yet been determined, but Donohue said it will be “competitive,” and added that players will have the opportunity to earn additional compensation during league tournaments and playoffs.

The NBA 2K League season begins in May and runs through August.

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