Players Compete in Combine for Spot in NBA 2K League

Players participate in the NBA 2K League Combine.

The NBA 2K League Combine opened Friday night — the final tryout step for those attempting to make it as a professional in the league — following a slight technical delay.

Some 72,000 players qualified for the combine, the league said. Players are vying for 102 roster spots for the inaugural season.

Friday’s opening combine window started at 8 PM ET, but players were unable to immediately enter a game. The issue lasted roughly 30 minutes before it was resolved.

The NBA 2K League Combine opened Friday.

The combine runs February 2-21. There are 12 preset playing windows during which players must complete at least 40 games using one primary position.

Players will be scouted based on statistics such as points, rebounds and assists, in addition to other metrics like shot release time, pass to assist and block efficiency. Playing team ball, communicating and displaying proper basketball IQ are also key attributes that will be examined closely.

Players earned a spot in the combine after winning 50 Pro-Am games during the January qualifying stage. Here are 5 key combine storylines to watch over the next few weeks as players compete, including gameplay strategy and getting noticed by scouts.

An evaluation period will take place at the conclusion of the combine to determine the draft pool of 102 players. Each of the 17 teams will then select six players during the March draft.

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