NBA 2K League FAQ

What is the NBA 2K League?

A professional competitive gaming league formed in partnership between the NBA and Take-Two Interactive, developers of the NBA 2K series.

How does it work?

NBA 2K League logo official
Official NBA 2K League logo.

Teams consisting of five players per side will virtually compete against one another, with each player controlling their own personalized avatar. Players will be on salaried contracts, including benefits.

When does it start?

The inaugural season will tip off in May 2018. Scheduling details are being ironed out, but play will run from May-August and include a mix of regular-season games, tournaments and playoffs. The NBA 2K League Combine is in February, followed by the draft in March.

Who will compete?

Seventeen NBA franchises have signed on. Each team will draft and manage a roster of six players, who will compete and train as professionals. The goal is for expansion to eventually feature all 30 NBA franchises.

Where will they play?

Teams will play on weekends at a centralized studio, and potentially two separate studios. Players will train at their respective cities during the week.

How can I watch?

TBA. The league is currently exploring options for TV broadcast rights, likely in addition to streaming rights as well.

Can I participate?

Yup, as long as you are 18 years old you are eligible to become one of the 102 players participating in the league.

Where can I stay up-to-date with latest league news?

If only there was a publication devoted to covering it. Oh wait, there is. Right HERE, HERE & HERE.

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