Jamesha Wallace Hopes to Break the Mold as a Female Member of the NBA 2K League

(Screenshot via EbkMeekApex).

Since the NBA 2K League announced that participation was inclusive to all, the question became whether or not a female player would be among the 85 players selected for the inaugural season. If the NBA 2K League Qualifier is any indication, there are some serious female players with ambitions of making it in the league.

One of those hopefuls is Jamesha Wallace, who recently secured her spot in February’s tryouts by capturing her 50th Pro-Am win. Wallace, who goes by the online handle EbkMeekApex, grinded out her qualifying wins using a 6’9″ slashing shot creator.

We caught up with her to discuss life as a female 2K player and her ambitions for the NBA 2K League.

When did you complete the 50 wins? How many hours in total did it take?

I completed my 50 wins on January 8th. I would say it took me an approximately 80 hours since the start.

How does it feel being one of the first females to reach 50 wins?

It feels good in a world of a male dominant hobby. Just gaming alone comes with a stereotype, so to be one of the first is awesome.

Has it been your goal to be drafted into the NBA 2K League?

Yes, it’s been my goal to play the game professionally, especially 2K since 2K15. I wanted to become a YouTuber.   

What would it mean to you to make history as a female member of the league?

It would mean a lot to me, it means those sleepless nights matter. It means the finger cramps get to pay off, the grind, the losses, they all mean something now. Everyone who told me there’s too many (players) out there, you won’t have a chance. It would mean a lot to play with others with the same IQ as me.

You touched on it, but what is it like as a female gamer playing a predominantly male game? 

It’s very hectic being a female gamer. I don’t have a lot of other friends who game, so in a predominantly male game, there’s no room for me.

Do you think the male players you play against have any idea they are facing a female player?

No, most of the time the people I play with have no idea that I’m a girl. Sometimes when they hear my voice they think I’m a 13-year-old boy.  

How long have you been playing the NBA 2K series?

I’ve been playing since PlayStation 2, NBA 2K8.

What would be your ultimate goal as it relates to being a 2K player?

My ultimate goal would be to become one of the top teams/members of the 2K community. I want to reach 99, and it sure is a long road.  

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