Mavs Gaming Head Coach Dishes on Scouting Process

"The attributes I look for are positivity, leadership, good communication, professionalism and dedication to the game." - Jonah Edwards

Jonah Edwards made a name for himself as an NBA 2K player since joining the competitive ranks in 2010. The man most have come to know as Daddy Jonah now has a new challenge in front of him.

Jonah Edwards of Mavs Gaming (image via @DaddyJonah).

Edwards serves as head coach of Mavs Gaming, a role he has held since early December. He made the difficult decision to pursue a coaching career over a playing one when the NBA 2K League was announced.

The path toward his coaching opportunity began when Edwards was asked to compile a draft board by then Mavericks esports manager Anthony Muraco, who has since become director of gaming operations for Cavs Legion GC. Edwards hit it off when Roger Caneda was subsequently hired as general manager of Mavs Gaming, and the two have been working side-by-side in building a championship organization.

“Jonah is a very valuable asset to our organization,” Caneda said. “He brings us a lot of insight throughout this draft process and combine.”

With the NBA 2K League Combine in full swing, Edwards shared his thoughts with The Ballgamer on the scouting process and offered a glimpse into what Mavs Gaming is looking for in potential players.

On the grind that is scouting 

“It’s tough to say how many hours go into it daily, but I definitely take several hours a day to review gameplay. The process is going well and my past knowledge definitely helps me understand the things that get lost in a box score. It’s very simple to miss stuff like baiting off ball and the versatility in players when you aren’t well versed in the game of 2K. We are very much looking forward to the combine and being able to see who becomes draft eligible.”

Mavs Gaming scouting session (image via @MavsGG).

On the main attributes he looks for in players

“I don’t believe there to be any make or break traits outside of being a purely negative or very immature player. The team’s infrastructure is here to help all 6 players grow as people and players. The attributes I look for are positivity, leadership, good communication, professionalism and dedication to the game. There are many other things that I notice as well.”

On his advice to players during the combine

“In February, it’s important to do what you’re best at. Also, communicate with your team well, be efficient, space the floor (this one might be the most important) and play help defense.”

On his assessment of the skill level he’s seen while scouting 

“There are such talented players across the globe that are trying out for the NBA 2K League. This league will never lack the skill necessary to be an extremely competitive esports league. I’ve seen a number of ‘unknown’ players that have impressed me, so it’s never too late to be a part of the conversation. Roger and I are very excited for the combine and seeing how the community reacts.”

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