An Inside Look at Life as an NBA 2K League Player

NBA 2K League player life

NBA 2K League player lifeThe 85 players drafted into the NBA 2K League will move to one of the 17 respective cities in April. Players will settle into their surroundings and begin preparations for the launch of the inaugural season in May. So, just what will daily life be like as a professional 2K League athlete?

We spoke to one NBA 2K League team staff member, who offered some insight as to what a typical day might entail for players of the team:

  • Wake up between 9-10 A.M.
  • Gym session
  • Breakfast
  • First scrimmage block
  • VOD review
  • Lunch
  • Second scrimmage block
  • VOD review
  • Third scrimmage block
  • VOD review
  • Dinner
  • Fourth scrimmage block
  • VOD review
  • Fifth scrimmage block
  • VOD review
  • Free time & stream time
  • Walk back to apartments for free time & sleep

The staffer mentioned this schedule doesn’t include other obligations that will arise, such as sponsor shoots and team meetings, not to mention travel days, as players will be flying into a centralized location for weekly games.

This is just from the perspective of one team, and is not to say all others will follow the same structure. Each team will have their own variations of scheduling to best suit its needs, but this gives a strong idea as to the commitment it will take as a player in the league.

The grind is real, folks. Get ready.

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