Poll: Players Pick the NBA 2K League Team They Most Want to Join

The NBA 2K League draft is roughly two months away. We decided to have some fun and get a pulse of the 2K community on the team that players would most like to be selected by in the draft.

We polled over 50 NBA 2K League hopefuls, who provided an anonymous response with their choice of destination. Players had varying reasoning for their choices, with the most popular answers being proximity to home, favorite NBA franchise or current 2K League team management.

Here are the final results (total votes in parentheses):

Pistons GT (6) 

“Adam’s experience in esports and dedication to making a team great.”

“My favorite team for a very long time now.”

“I’m from there. I live in Dallas now but will always rep the 313.”

“I’m from Michigan.”

Knicks Gaming (5)

“Growing up in New York, I watched my dad faithfully root for the Knicks. Every game, every win, every loss. I would cherish the opportunity to be able to represent my hometown Knicks and bringing home championships after another!”

“I’m from here and would love to bring some success to my hometown. That would be a dream come true for me.”

“It would be a great honor to win championships for the city I’ve lived in my entire life.”

“I’m a big Knicks fan, it’s my hometown team.”

Pacers Gaming (5)

“I feel like Cody has been doing his homework on the top players more than any other manager. So I definitely feel like his team will be one of the contenders in the 2K league, and that’s the main priority for me, winning.”

“I grew up in Indy and I know how much of a passion basketball is here. I feel like the fans would support the 2K team just as much as the other teams we have.”

“It’s not too far from home and the effort that they’ve made reaching out to the community is cool.”

“Cody seems like a great guy and will have a winning team with how much knowledge of 2K and the community he has.”

Mavs Gaming (4)

“It’s my hometown team and I’ve been a Mavs fan my whole life. And Jonah and Roger are really good people.”

“I’m from Texas and been a lifelong fan.”

“I like how they hired a coach and also Glizzy (both within the community), and from a player’s perspective they seem to be towards the top of the list of teams really trying to draft the best team.”

Magic Gaming (4)

“I have met the Magic staff already more than once and they’re great.”

“I’ve always enjoyed watching them since Shaq n Penny, and T-Mac is my favorite player of all time! Would be a dream come true, literally.”

“They’re the closest to my hometown, they have the nicest team house IMO, and seem like they have a well put together 2K league staff as well.”

Cavs Legion GC (4)

“I think Anthony is a great manager and is light years ahead of every team except maybe the Pacers and Mavs.”

“The Cavs have been my favorite team, I hate to say it, but ever since LeBron went back and joined in 2014. I love the management, I love how smart they are and how they put the right people on the right team and build around there star instead of stacking a lot of stars on a team. I also am a graphic design minor and I like the design of the logo and the colors.”

Celtics Crossover Gaming (4)

“That’s my favorite team and Boston is where I’m from.”

“Being able to represent the Celtics in the 2K League would be such an honor.”

“It’s my hometown, my city; why would anyone want anything else? Going along with that, the Celtics franchise itself has a great history and I would just love to be apart of that and contribute to making more history.”

Heat Check Gaming (4)

“Born and raised in Miami. I would give South Florida my absolute best every single night and game no matter how hard it will get. I have been a fan of the organization since I was born. It would mean everything to me to get selected and become a part of the organization.”


76ers GC (3)

“I’m a Jersey guy and I was brought up watching Allen Iverson, the same passion he played with is the same passion the fans have and the same passion that I have.”

Wizards District Gaming (3)

“It’s close to my hometown, Virginia. It would be a dream come true.”

“They’re my favorite basketball team and I’m from Washington, D.C.”

Grizz Gaming (2)

“Because I’m so close to them and been a fan of them for a while. Would feel a lot like home.”

“Because it’s a small market. I think that the small market aspect matters in the NBA, but I think people that go to smaller markets in the NBA 2K League can thrive because I think the support would be crazy.”

Raptors Uprising GC (2)

“I’m from Canada.”

Jazz Gaming (2)

“Because of distance, and love what they stand for and aim for, which is the best!”

Warriors Gaming Squad (2)

“It’s a team that plays a similar style of basketball that I model my style from.”

“They are my favorite team in the league and it would be awesome to move to California.”

Bucks Gaming (1)

“I use them for my career, and it’s a city I’ve never been to.”

Kings Guard Gaming (1)

“For the chance to live in California, a dream destination.”

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