Meet the First NBA 2K League Qualifier to Reach 50 Wins

(Courtesy of AboutTheGame)

The NBA 2K League Qualifier officially opened at midnight on January 1, kicking off a mad dash of players vying to become the first to reach 50 wins. It didn’t take long, with AboutTheGame pulling off the feat Tuesday before all others to secure his place in February’s tryouts.

We caught up with AboutTheGame for a quick Q&A to discuss his grind to 50.

What archetype did you play with?

I used a 6’11” Athletic Sharp.

What time did you log on for your first game when qualifying opened?

I started a walk-on game about 5-10 minutes after the game mode was released.

How many hours did it take you to reach 50? Did you play straight through or take some breaks?

It took about 26 hours to complete, and yes I took a couple bathroom breaks and time to brush my teeth. I also dozed off and got kicked for being idle in the 4th quarter in one of my final 10 games lol.

What does it mean to you to be the first to reach 50 wins?

To be honest it wasn’t my intention to be the first at the time. I’m very competitive so as I saw other people post about how many wins they had, I made up my mind that I wanted to out-grind them. It means a lot, but it’s only the first step.

What do you think your grind shows about your commitment to making it as one of the 85 players in the league?

I think it shows that I’m willing and capable to outwork my fellow competitors.

Now that you already have an invite to tryouts, what’s the plan in the meantime?

I plan to continue improving my game and preparing myself for the combine by competing in the current and upcoming MPBA tournaments/leagues.

What’s the ultimate goal for you as a 2K player?  

The ultimate goal for me would be to get drafted. Personally, I don’t care what pick or what team, I know I’ll be able to compliment any team in any way they need me to. I’m just trying to make it there first.

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